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Jakarta Experience: National Monument, Tiny Bananas

Jet-Lag? 15th of October, and my fourth full day in Indonesia.  I slept late; until 10am, which is unusual for me (usually I get up fairly early).  I guess I was tired and needed a little extra sleep.  I don’t usually suffer from jet-lag, certainly not on the flight out to Asia (west to east) […]

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Indonesia – Taman Mini; Indonesia in a Nutshell

Located to the South-East of Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a theme park displaying different cultural exhibits and architecture from around the country.  It’s a great place to visit if you want to get a flavour of each island’s traditional culture, without actually having to travel to 13,466 different islands (then again, that does […]

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Indonesia – Qatar Airways Experience | The Durian Strikes Back

Back in Asia after two years!  This was my first time in Indonesia, Fillia’s home country, and it was a special holiday for us as we got engaged at a ceremony attended by her family and friends.  Fillia went back home to renew her visa a week before I flew to meet her. Qatar Airways […]

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