Why work with us?

  • Because Andrew & Fillia completely have different way of travel, and we make a unique combination of itinerary as well as writing style.
  • Because Andrew & Fillia are creative writers.
  • Because Andrew takes many good photos.
  • Because Fillia loves video making.

We are open to working with travel companies of all shapes and sizes.

Partnership/sponsorship possibilities can include:

  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Travel gear reviews
  • Day trips/tours
  • Multi-day tours
  • Individual attractions
  • Adventure activities
  • Unique food experiences
  • Transport partnerships
  • Instagram posts
  • Youtube videos

We would be happy to discuss any other partnership ideas that might work for your brand.

What We Can Offer During Partnerships

If we partner up, here are some of the things we can offer as part of our coverage:

  • Social media coverage during the trip  (Photo and Mention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Blog posts after the trip complete with photos (number of posts can be discuss)
  • Video content on Youtube


April 2017 – Bristol and Bath in England
May 2017 – York, England
June 2017 – Germany/ Belgium
July 2017 – Lake District, England
August/ September 2017 – Manchester – Liverpool, England
October/ November 2017 –Matlock, England
December 2017/ January 2018 – Indonesia

When we are not traveling, we are enjoying the beautiful scenery from our window at our house in Peak District, England.

If you are a travel-related company in any of the areas listed above, and interested on our writing, please get in touch to discuss possible partnerships.

Please contact us to see examples or discuss possible partnership opportunities with @thereforewego by Andrew & Fillia at hello@andrewandfillia.com


Brands We Have Worked With